Why is it important that a good posture in children and how to prevent the appearance of scoliosis

Why is it important that a good posture in children and how to prevent the appearance of scoliosis

The correct position of the student's concerns of parents and doctors. What is posture and how the curvature affects the health of school children — will be discussed in this article.

The position has been formed during the growth and development of the child from an early age. The pupil the correct position there must be no deviations from the prescribed anatomical standards. People who have properly planted posture, seen from afar. Head always thought they were straight, they are easy to walk, back is not bent.

Wrong position of school age

Posture pre-congenital or hereditary features, and also transfer of diseases, injuries. Such disease can be the result of a sedentary life. Students in classroom sitting at a desk, at home — learn at your desk. During the school day, an average of 5-6 lessons, children's fatigue. From silence will fall understanding of the curriculum.

Often incorrect posture school students due to the fact that prolonged sitting at a desk will cause stagnation of blood circulation. Tired back muscles, spine, neck, legs. Around signs of fatigue, saying that the slumped shoulders and the head, the movement of the chair. All these factors adversely affect the proper formation of the posture of the student. At an early age, the child has the ability to move actively, since joining the school he has to sit more.

Wrong position of school age

The kids need to explain about how important it is adopted in the station Reception desk. During the execution of the written work the shoulders should be free, to be on the same level and head slightly tilted. The student should be able to relax behind a Desk for those moments when the teacher explains the lesson. This time you can relax and rely firmly on the back of the chair. Observing the important princes, problems with posture can be avoided.

When there is a curvature of the posture

A list of the most important reasons that lead to bad posture:

  • transferred earlier injury or illness;
  • the neglect of the active life;
  • adequate feedback on the lessons of physical culture;
  • the contradiction between the standards of the desktop in relation to the growth of the student;
  • the fatigue of a long session;
  • in the wrong position at the table;
  • inadequate lighting in the workplace;
  • problems with vision.
In order to avoid the manifestation of the problem with posture is to eliminate factors distorting it.
How to determine the violation of

Wrong position of birth in the body: an unnatural slouch, the asymmetry of the location of the shoulder, the belly bulge. In medicine, this phenomenon is characterized by a curvature of the spine, what is scoliosis. Define and recognize the faults of posture of school age to help in childbirth.

The research is done from a standing position. The heels should be placed together, toes of the plant at an angle of 45 degrees. When violations are found, extending to the standards of the anatomical symmetry, it is advisable to examine the back of the x-rays. This is done in order to detect abnormalities of the spine.

How to determine the violation of

Visible signs of the condition aggravate the diseases that may arise due to changes caused by posture. Systematic to find the child's Desk, improper posture is complemented by a secondary, more severe symptoms. For example, one leg may be shorter than the other.

Scoliotic posture

The curves of the human spine is formed from an early age. Any violations happened, because the effect is behind several adverse factors. Time noticing the problem, the student will acquire more curvature. As a result, as an adult it affects your health. Scoliosis the spine is bent to one side, usually the right.

If congenital scoliosis is all clear, because it can be the result of a genetic predisposition. With the acquired disease much worse things could be. Sometimes parents do not pay attention to the problem years. When the violation is not noticed in time, through corrective exercise and control specialists can easily restore.

Exercises for posture pupils

Simple exercises are in the form of warm-up to relieve fatigue and stress on the spine. Interaction with physical systems, the formation of correct posture of pupils it is possible to achieve significant results. Perform the exercises recommended together with parents or independently. The complex is like this:

  1. Standing buttocks against the wall, standing close to each other, the heel, and then move your hands to the sides at shoulder level. Palms forward, to simulate the slide of your hands on the wall.
  2. Exercises for posture pupils
  3. Correct position of the child enough to stand exactly on the wall. Raise your hands up, stretch the back. Count from 1 to 10. Relax, count down the arm.
  4. Exercise in the prone position. It is necessary to stretched along the body hands and feet. Based on the stomach and chest, at the same time lift your arms and legs. Good results can be achieved, if you don't like the position of the hands and feet for a few seconds. Returning to the original position, and repeat the exercise.
  5. Lying on the back to simulate Cycling. The legs should be at an angle of 45 degrees. Make manipulation of every one minute for 10 sets.
More complex of physical exercises for correction of posture is better to perform only under the supervision of experts, a trainer or a doctor.
Prevention of postural disorders

Excellent prevention is self-control-the position of the back standing and sitting. The back should always remain straight. When prolonged sitting is necessary to keep a break, you can lean on the back of a chair or stand up to walk. If necessary, adjust the height of the table is comparable to a child's growth.

Standing position to better distribute the load, leaning alternately to one and the other leg. Instead of a long-term stay in one place, it is useful to go back and forth. Lift the bag or fell to the floor the subject is not necessary to tilt the back, just sit down, bending your knees.

Sitting on the table or chair you want, that the child's back firmly back in the seat. Lessons to sit upright, not tilted forward, back and head. The feet must stand on the floor. By the way, under the table is a place, a leg support or handle in the workplace.

Prevention of postural disorders

Don't underestimate the damage a shoulder bag. Wearing such accessories is the backpack and directly threatening curvature of the spine. Explain to the child how the correct posture is important that pupils, it is recommended to give more recommendations.

Instructions to improve your posture

The correct position of school-age children it is useful to observe the following rules and carry out simple recommendations:

  • must be well organized sleeping, the presence of an orthopedic mattress and comfortable pillows;
  • do not forget wearing shoes according to the size of the foot;
  • lack of exercise, active games, walking is also a big plus;
  • it is not suitable to stand or sit in one of the legs;
  • detrimental to carry heavy loads, it is not necessary to fill the portfolio with unnecessary books.

In order to develop the correct posture, you need to follow the recommendations and use the existing methods that were developed for its improvement.