Why sore lower back stomach

If the pain in the abdomen and lower back, only an experienced doctor can establish the true cause, find the right solution for treatment. If a person resort to their own "methods", he can not determine exactly what happened, only to worsen the course of illness.

Often such pain are suffering woman. Men are much less likely to have problems in this area.

Serve as a medical diagnosis


Reception at the doctor, the patient must be prepared for honest answers to questions about the nature of pain in the abdomen, lower back. First of all, the doctor is interested in their strength and intensity. Here is a list of basic questions:

  • What happened? Acute, severe, painful, paroxysmal, pulling, pulsating? (The nature of the pain indicates a particular violation – the bleeding, the pressure in the cavity, chronic inflammation.)
  • When this pain becomes hot? Cold?
  • The exact location of the problem? What area hurts? Bottom, right, left, center? Interferes with the belt the pain?
  • Is, when the pain symptoms are: vomiting symptoms, frequent urination, problems with her?

The woman discusses the issues further:

  • Has experienced the pain threshold during pregnancy? Where is the pain, pain? There abdominal pain in the lower back, after a period of time?

The task of the doctor is to diagnose the causes of stomach pain, lower back. They undertake a range of professional activities.

  • The study of the presence of the herpes virus.
  • A blood test. The purpose is to detect inflammation (white blood cell count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate more than the norm).
  • The analysis of urine. The aim is to find out problems of the urinary system (high white blood cells, red blood cells).
  • Ultrasound examination of the internal organs of the pelvis. The purpose is to determine their condition and possible violations.
  • Research detection of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • X-rays of the pelvis and spine. The aim is to find out the condition of the bones and possible violations.
  • Determination of bone mineral density. The purpose is to identify (exception) osteoporosis.
  • Endoscopy of the stomach, intestines, bladder. The more that the stomach is associated with several bodies. The goal is to objectively evaluate and detect abnormalities.
  • Barium enema. Purpose to clarify the diagnosis.

Causes of pain in the abdomen and lower back


This explains the diversity of a large number of abdominal organs that play a major role in the normal work of all body systems.

Possible causes may be represented by groups of disorders and certain diseases.

Inflammatory diseases

This includes appendicitis, inflammation of the intestine, bladder, kidney, prostate, testicles.

Symptoms (inflammation of the appendix): strong, sharp and sometimes aching pain in the lower abdomen on the right. If not immediately react to them, will be sepsis. It is a big risk. Can be fatal.

Symptoms (gut): the pain is concentrated in the abdomen, results in the lumbar region, the groin. If you don't answer, control ulcer/duodenal 12.

Symptoms (bladder). The urethra in both sexes. Cystitis is more common in women. This is due to anatomical features. Danger signs of cystitis – blood in urine, pain at end of urination.

Symptoms (inflammation of the renal pelvis): small tension (page), often the left, to the right.

Symptoms (inflammation of prostate cancer): pain in the groin, repeated urination.

Symptoms (inflammation of the testicles): severe pain, nausea, migraines, fever. Testicular appendages, inflamed the "fault" of different microbes, for example: gonococcal, chlamydia.

It can also occur after surgery.

Infectious diseases

Bladder infection, intestine.

Symptoms (bladder infection): the presence of lumbar spasmodic pain, blood in the urine.

Symptoms (inflammation of the intestine): drawing pain concentrated in the lower abdomen, appearing in the waist. Mucus, blood in the stool.

If you do nothing, miss the point, sepsis sets. Symptoms of sepsis is the transition from paroxysmal (colicy) pain.

Colitis. Symptoms: acute pain, fever, swelling. Symptoms of the emergence of chronic colitis there is a transition from acute pain becomes dull.

Inguinal hernia. Symptoms: unbearable pain in the lower back, loss of consciousness, if you stick to the muscles of the inner body, nausea, vomiting. This will just call the doctor and surgery.

Urinary stone disease. Symptoms: the appearance of a dull pain. If you start to pass stones, it is sharp.

Tumors (of the gastrointestinal tract, urogenital system). Symptoms: different types of pain (aching, sharp, other) stomach. The disease less often, simply drag-and severe pain in the lower back and lower abdomen pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal canal stenosis, scoliosis, osteoporosis, stroke.

It is separately necessary to tell about gastric ulcer and cholecystitis. The first, ulcers. This disease is characterized by. He desperately spread in spring and autumn. We know that it is time to relapse of many human weaknesses – violations and diseases.

When this transition period ends, all restored. We live quietly, until the next transition. The symptoms are very unpleasant.

This so-called "sour" burp, a burning sensation in the esophagus, may be vomiting, disorder of the gall bladder (bile goes into the stomach).

People began to take weight, lose weight. After a meal he feels pain. This is a very serious disease.

Causes of pain in the abdomen and lower back in women

Stomach hurts

Variety of reasons is large enough. They are often related to gynecology. The pain can spread throughout the abdomen and lower back, and can focus on the lower abdomen on both sides.

Pain is a symptom of a listed disease States:

  • PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Characterized by a dull, spasming pain in the lower abdomen, lower back. He called spastic uterine contractions. Sore before menstruation lasts for the first few days. But there is a strong, unbearable pain. Then you need to check the presence of inflammation, endometriosis, uterine.
  • Directly menstrual pain. Abdominal pain – evidence of a hormonal imbalance. Women the body's hormones – prostaglandins. When their number is normal, can be a long just a little unusual sensations. The presence of pain suggests that the production of these hormones is impaired. Such problems parous women – a sign of serious diseases.
  • Ovarian apoplexy as a result of rupture of ovulation after exercise, sex. There is acute pain in the abdomen, lower back, weakness, nausea, dizziness.
  • Inflammation of the uterus, it appendages, the vagina, the fallopian tubes, endometriosis. These infections, in addition to the appendages, there is a feeling of intense pain. When inflammation of the appendages (adnexitis), it originally is not strong, tolerant – of the abdomen. If the disease is not treated, then there is unbearable pain in the groin on both sides, suggesting peritonitis. Endometriosis is manifested by severe pain during menstruation.
  • Tilted uterus. Characterized by a gnawing pain in the abdomen. Call it adhesions, hereditary reasons.
  • Rupture of the ovary, oviduct'. A burning sensation in the stomach, with loss of consciousness. Save only the action.
  • Benign tumors (cysts, fibroids). If the cyst causes pain in the lower abdomen, lumbar area, may radiate to other organs of the body (side, back, top of the peritoneum, rectum). When myoma – paroxysmal pain in the abdomen and lower back.
  • Many of the problems associated with pregnancy: ectopic pregnancy: pulling in the abdomen on both sides, radiating to the lower back, bleeding, loss of consciousness; early detachment of the placenta – a strong, dull, paroxysmal plus bleeding; the risk of miscarriage: obvious the abdomen, the weaker the lower back; premature birth: drag, colicy (abdomen, back).
  • Pain in the abdomen and lower back will appear, when poorly done abortion, the presence of cervical erosion, polyps, and dysplasia.
  • Psychological causes of pain in the lumbar region and the abdomen. This stress, frustrating condition, a neurotic disease.
  • Banal hypothermia. Case, when "beauty requires sacrifice", and the girl look attractive, don't bother with warm clothes in cold weather.

The consequences are serious: the most obvious pain in the abdomen, lower back, significant technologies about inflammation, violations, in extreme cases, infertility.

What to do when back pain and stomach


Pain in the abdomen, the lumbar – signal failure (early stages of the disease, the "breakage" of the body or surgery).

All to keep the cause of the pain associated with painful disorders in the life of important systems of the body.

We can't get rid of, such as pain. Do you need a professional diagnosis and treatment. It is the prerogative of the doctor. This is an important principle of timeliness. You can't ignore abdominal pain, back.

When painful feelings, many people try to cope with them with the help of painkillers and affordable drugs, to relieve spasm.

Why does it not help? Because we only remove its symptoms and the causes eliminated.

Remember that self-made pills to change the clinical picture. The doctor, because this self-treatment would be difficult to make an accurate diagnosis.

Add to that one of the pain may be associated with not one, but several diseases. One conclusion is to go immediately to the doctor.

Of course, there are situations when it is possible to slightly ease the conditions, if right now there is no way to get to the meeting.

The reasons may be different: it turned out far away from civilization (holiday the mountains, the sea), there is no relationship, weekend, night and others.

Back and stomach may ache due to colds, weight lifting. When the ambulance to help the usual rubbing. In the back ground and a little massage. But only when correctly identify the cause.

If the doctor was called, but it will come soon, and back aches, aches, then you can resort to the General recommendations. Before the arrival of the ambulance is not allowed to drink any drinks, not even water, laxatives.

It is forbidden to use any warming (heat pad, hot packs). Hotter to accelerate the inflammation. You can resort to cold compress.

If the pain from spasming and is not passed, it is possible to apply lungs antispasmodic modern generation.

If the disease is an inflammatory or infectious nature, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Without a diagnosis and written physician prescription of antibiotics is not acceptable.

But the main thing here is to analyze and make changes in your lifestyle and diet pattern.

When inflammation of the intestine and the doctor will help you choose the most effective drugs available today spectrum.

Early pregnancy pain should alert a woman. There is a risk of losing a child. Therefore, an urgent need to visit a gynecologist. This will help prevent the patient's condition.

Usually, when there is a threat, prescribe bed rest, to create a peaceful environment, put on the spare.

The doctor will prescribe the so-called savings and light sedative drugs of plant origin.

Of course, this is all General guidelines that only need to be notified. As mentioned earlier, the treatment can be performed only by a doctor.

But we are so formed, that peace is for all to answer and help yourself and your doctor for treatment, if we want to understand what is happening, why, and what to expect during treatment.

When we know this, we need to call the doctor. Ignorance of the unknown scares us. Therefore, the information and disease, their causes, treatment methods, possibilities of modern medicine is the key to success to deal with health problems.

Thus, pain is a manifestation of the disease. Thanks to her, men to understand what it takes to save themselves, not to hurt. Without pain, people die.

Distracting pain, immediately forced to go to a specialist is to properly identify the disease and cure it. And remember: "hurt not necessarily".