Why back pain after sleeping

Almost every second experiencing the discomfort that back pain in the morning. Really the factors of the disease can be many – person moves a little, does not notice the development of diseases or blame, just an uncomfortable bed. Why morning back pain in the lumbar region is to check our review.

Why back pain while sleeping causes

Back pain upon waking: causes

In the morning can not be called good if it is accompanied by aching or sharp pain. In addition, if you wake up. Why morning back pain – this study examines the factors that can cause discomfort in the lumbar spine:

  • Lack of exercise – lack of active lifestyle, weight. Trying to start the day with exercise and the pain will gradually go away.
  • Stress is a constant anxiety provoking nerve cells.
  • Pregnant – women "in position" more often experiences discomfort due to the development of the fetus.
  • Inflammation of the urinary system. After sleeping back pain in the kidney area, so all is not well in the urinary tract. A striking symptom is a dull pain in the kidneys, which will continue regardless of the position of the patient. Relief may occur only after emptying the bladder.
  • Diseases of the pancreas. Disorders of the pancreas may be due to the fact that a sore lower back in the morning after sleep. Hallmark – surrounded by aching pain.
  • The pathogenesis of the spine: hernia, scoliosis, sciatica and low back pain. Last specified diagnosis only usually occurs in the morning. Discomfort covers the area between the shoulder blades, the tailbone and waist.
  • Diseases, stomach – pancreatitis, appendicitis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Inflammatory processes in the respiratory organs.
  • Pathology of the joints: arthritis, arthrosis, bechterew's disease – these diseases can cause discomfort.
  • Unnatural causes the sleeper.

What is the danger of pain, which disappears in the middle of the day

Many familiar with this situation, when the morning sore lower back, then it goes away. We talk about discomfort, which constantly occurs in the morning and disappear in the middle of the day. The patient does not even notice changes in his condition, and constantly postponing the treatment. And in the morning all repeats. This Groundhog day sooner or later will lead to complications and for this reason.

During sleep, the muscles and joints to relax. When you described the pathogenesis of the volume of inter-joint fluid, which works on the principle of lubrication is reduced. In the morning the tissue to move to the stage action, but the substance, which should facilitate their movement developed a small amount, therefore when sleeping looks like a spasm. During the day synovial fluid begins to produce the same amount and the pain goes away.

Why sore lower back

The most common cause of pain in osteoarthritis is a common disease of the back. It causes pain in the joints of the spine, and deprive plasticity. If a sore lower back, when sleeping, it is the first sign of pathogenesis. There are a number of distinctive features:

  • Even with a weak cough is feeling painful lumbago technologies back and waist.
  • It is impossible to bend freely.
  • After intensive movements feel fatigue.
  • The constant nagging in the morning a belt of pain.
Why back pain after sleep diagnostics

Low back pain is manifested by pain in different parts of the spine.

  1. The neck — in this case, after sleeping back pain in the shoulder blade, neck, shoulders. Loss of sensation in the extremities and orientation in space, and fly before my eyes.
  2. The breast growing pain in the back, the chest, between the ribs. Shortness of breath.
  3. Lumbar— shortness of movement when bending, sore backs in the morning, and there is also pain in the abdomen.

If you suspect lower back pain after sleeping – these are signs of osteochondrosis, do not hesitate to visit your doctor. This expert will tell you what treatment is most effective.

Osteoarthritis and back pain

After sleeping back pain in the lumbar region — often the joints, neck and back are suffering because of the destruction of the cartilage, which facilitates the friction. Cartilage tissue (matrix) is covered and discs in the spine. If it doesn't stay wet, then the friction of bones and the inflammation begins. Because of the sore joints and discs no longer cope with its main task – to repair the vertebrae. This is a sign of osteoarthritis. He is like a silent assassin – it can last for years without symptoms and begin to manifest itself in lower back pain in the morning after sleep.

Time-consuming treatment

It is important to understand that even if relief comes, but the disease is still not disappeared. Symptoms disappear temporarily. Therefore, it is better as soon as possible to begin treatment. You need to pass the examination. It includes:

  1. Blood and urine General analysis. Laboratory tests show, what stage is the disease, and what organs are damaged. A urine test will show whether an inflammatory process in the urinary tract.
  2. Biochemical analysis of blood.
  3. X-rays of the spine help to make the condition of the joints.
  4. Possible CT of the spine, which identify potential pinching and distortion.
  5. History. The doctor knows the history of the disease. Maybe lower back pain after sleeping is as a result of long-term ulcers. He find out if there is a similar ailments in your immediate family, and not to make health.


When all the preparations are completed, you need to start treatment. The process can be divided into several stages:

  • Removal of cause in the pathogenesis.
  • A complex effect on the nidus.
  • Relief of symptoms used drugs to relieve inflammation.


In case of diseases of the musculoskeletal system in the morning lower back pain relieving anti-inflammatory medicines, such as Ibuprofen and other drugs, which includes diclofenac. They can be applied in different ways, the choice depends on the intensity of the pain:

  • Tablets, they are usually taken with meals. People with diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract need to drink them together with medicines that reduce the acidity of the stomach.
  • Cream point to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Injections.

In addition good to help muscle relaxants. This drug relieves muscle tension. Use should be by prescription only and not get involved – they can cause paralysis of the muscles.

Other measures

If back pain in the morning does not stop, the doctor may prescribe bed rest, and additional support to the affected area to determine the corset.

Sleep on an orthopedic mattress is much more useful if such diseases.

Good tool support is of therapeutic exercises and manual therapy sessions. Experts help to make stronger muscles and vertebrae are more flexible.


It is better to prevent disease than to treat it. Especially when it comes to the musculoskeletal system - we need to protect. No wonder why back pain after sleeping, take into account a few rules:

  • Do not lift weights. Without proper training, this can lead to a number of diseases.
  • Keep an active lifestyle. More sports, but the load does not need to be very powerful. You can just write in new ways – walk, stop, Lift, Cycling.
  • Sign the swimming pool. Swimming is an excellent prevention if back pain after sleeping.

Do not delay going to the doctor. This is useful, even planned contraception.

Why back pain after sleeping

The disease of the xxi century – the pain in the back of the computer

We can not ignore in this review, one of the most common reasons why morning sore back. Long sitting at the computer, which may be delayed until the morning. And after a short sleep – aching pain in the lower back. In this mode it has grown a whole generation. It is not surprising that now many people of different ages suffer from the described affliction. During the online game the person has constant voltage, and it can suddenly jump up, identifying himself with the hero, who runs away from the monsters. This affects not only the psyche but also the physical space. The only remedy is to stop staying in front of the computer and go to bed on time.

Other causes of back pain

Every morning, sore lower back, but I think that health is all right. There may be other reasons:

  • Wrong position during sleep. To fall asleep lying on your back is not a good cause. The fact that this creates an unnatural curve in their lower back, which causes discomfort. Trying to get rid of this habit.
  • Poor blood circulation back. Swelling can be the reason, why after sleep, sore lower back. It appears when back injury. Make sure that during sleep the spine has unrestricted blood flow.
  • Uncomfortable bed. Not surprisingly, the uncomfortable bed can cause morning back pain. Because it is the place where we spend an important part of his life. Too soft a bed or mattress soft rods can bring a sense of discomfort. When sleeping in this bed is a pain in the neck and lower back. Select the only hard surface that the spine has taken its natural position during your getaway. This will ensure correct posture.

Back to health – is the key activity. And movement is life. So if you're still you notice that you have back pain in the morning immediately after sleep, play it safe and consult a doctor, and then to complete the recommendations.