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  • The article describes medical and folk methods of treating osteochondrosis.
    16 January 2022
  • Pain in the back and the chest – their causes, some of them need special attention. Why pain in back and chest? As treated?
    21 August 2019
  • If your aching back - what to do? The various causes of the disease. Overview of the most common diseases provocateurs pain.
    27 July 2019
  • What to do if it hurts down the back.The lumbar spine, throughout life, can withstand greater load. It is not surprising that sooner or later, often at the end of the day, many begin to feel that they are sick down the back.
    11 September 2018
  • The appearance of pain in back and sides - is very dangerous, because there is localized a large number of nerve endings going to the internal organs. Therefore, the appearance of even a small discomfort is a reason to be suspicious and refer to a specialist.
    28 August 2018